Hi, my name is Elad Ziv, Fatlady is my brand, and this is what I do:

Who am I?

Who am I?

My name is Elad Ziv, and I'm a freelance web-developer, creating all sorts of websites and web applications.

I started my company - FATLADY.CO.IL - Heavyweight Web Development - in 2004, when I first became a student in Tel-Aviv University, and I've been creating cool websites, apps and components for the web ever since.

Nowadays I'm mostly working with PHP for Server-Side development (using Wordpress and more) and HTML5 for Client-Side programming (using JQuery, Angular.JS and CSS3).

If you'd like to have your own tailor-made designed website created, I believe you should give me a call :)

Contact Me

Address: 201A Givat-Beit-Seffer, Kibbutz Palmahim, Israel.

Phone: +972-3-9538215 | Mobile: +972-528-495871



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